Bailey Ross

Rocket Korean Connecticut , United States

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As a completely new person to Korean, this course is not what I should have chosen to begin with. To be able to feel like you "completed" the lesson, you have to write things in a language they have not taught you yet! The lessons are too long and having to learn the "extras" to feel like you completed the material they were focusing on is also frustrating. I have no incentive to move through the material, because I feel like I can't even perfect the first few lessons!
The voice detection sometimes is very poor, which means saying the same thing fifty times at lightning speed to get credit for it. I like other programs for learning Korean better than this one. I might come back to it after I have a better foundation. Moderators note: The Write it! tests can (and probably should) be left until you are more comfortable doing them. In saying that we will look at how these Tests work for beginners. With regards voice detection, the best results are achieved with a headset mic, or using one of the apps.