Graeme C.

Rocket German Australia

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I was so impressed by your course that I wrote a review after working with it for a day or so and gave you four stars. After working with it extensively for over two weeks I am now even more impressed and would like to give you five stars on every aspect. The only word for Rocket German is brilliant. You understand that when the average person says that they want to "learn" a language, they really mean that they want to understand people speaking that language in basic everyday situations and in turn be able to be understood themselves when speaking. Your material is first class for that and the ability to practise phrases over and over again comparing your own voice to a native speaker is undoubtedly the best aspect of your course. For most of us, what we hear in our head when trying to speak another language can be quite different to what sometimes comes out of our mouths. Your course gives us the chance to "hear ourselves as others hear us". When trying to speak another language, confidence is paramount. Your course delivers in spades the ability to speak confidently in everyday situations using basic vocab. My advice to anyone looking at German language courses is this - if you want to speak basic German confidently, do yourselves a favour and invest in Rocket German. You won't regret it and the course is worth every cent of the purchase price.