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Rocket Spanish Rockwood Ontario , Canada

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I purchased my Rocket Spanish at a time in my life when I thought I would be able to learn Spanish in a few weeks or months. Man was I wrong, it takes determination and dedication, like when I was learning Guitar, which both require a personal investment of your time, there is no short cut or quick fix . If you want something badly enough there is a cost, and it is your time, but believe me this is the way to learn Spanish.
Once you have learned something it is essential that you do not move along too fast as the things you thought you knew, are quite easily forgotten. So I try to get back to parts of the language where I am weaker, or just need refreshment. I am 68 years old and live in Canada, and I want to succeed with learning Spanish soooooo very much now. I am sure my mind is not as quick, active and able to perform , like it used to when I was a lot younger. But aside from the stumbling blocks, I am determined to continue learning and be more proficient, in a language that I love. My wife and I like to travel to latin countries , as we love their culture, and warmth to travelers. We have been visiting Cuba, twice a year for the past few years, and we are helping a Cuban family with two small children, ages 5 , and 3, who are always trying to tell us something. They are my main motivation at this time to be able to communicate better and be able to respond and interact with them. I bought Rocket Spanish 1 approx in 2010. I did a lot of research with the competition and Rockets price was really affordable, and because it was cheap I wasn't expecting too much from it. I did download the audio CD's as recommended by Mauricio, and I did buy Rocket Spanish 2 a little later, followed by Rocket Spanish 3. My thinking was it was really cheap and I wanted to download all of the CD's to complete the set, in case this company dissolved and disappeared from site. At the time I did not have any ulterior motivation, so it lay dormant for the longest time, downloaded on my hard drive. Except when our vacation time came around, then I would pull out the CD that I burned from their website and play it in my car a few weeks before travelling, and practice all the vacation chatter. This is a great way of learning too, as I often travel more than an hour in each direction to get to work, making it a great time for listening and practice. I just love Amy 's voice , she is so good at this work, so easy to follow, and ever so pleasant to listen to, like she is enjoying every minute of what she is doing , and Mauricio is very good too, but not as pretty as Amy ! So until I realized how much I really wanted to learn, I was just pulling out the CD, and putting it away after my trip, as I had no need of Spanish in my home town, until my next trip, a year later. 2 years ago after returning from Cuba, I decided it was time to get serious about learning Spanish so I enrolled in an adult Furthering Education Spanish Class for level 1. I had decided I wanted supervision, accountability, homework, tests and exams. It was approx one hour drive each way to the college, for a 3 hour class once a week, and another $40 per semester for parking. I was a senior and I did get a discounted rate of $50 which really helped a lot. Not so much for the other students who were paying $400 each per semester, including parking. I wanted more than " dos pina colada's por favor", I wanted to LEARN Spanish, so I could speak to those kids and families using more than 2 words at a time. I wanted to conjugate verbs in my head, and put sentences together.... the right way around, so they were recognizable. I completed Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 at the college, and I got left behind several times, because the course was condensed into approx 40 hours of learning using the Come Se Dice text books. Then with the amount of homework required, I was spending another 30 hours + completing the homework. There is no time to dwell on a section if some people are slow, so if you didn't get it immediately you struggled completing the homework. I was getting a little frustrated for the amount of time I was giving to this project and felt I was just treading water, and not learning as much or as fast as I expected. I compared it to learning your ABC's, and skipping out on some letters along the way, but still being expected to complete words and sentences with those letters missing. I had completely forgotten about my Rocket Spanish that was still on my hard drive, as well as the CD's in my glove box, that I had purchased years before. I am not attending college courses any longer, I have revisited my Rocket Spanish and it is still the same as it was when I first bought it. It is on my hard drive, and I was amazed, I just connected to my name and everything was still there, the same as it was 8 years ago. I still had full access to every single file, Audi and video as though they were just installed yesterday. I realized these guys did not go bankrupt, or fade away into the sunset to spend all of their money, as I had feared. They have not , and they are not going anywhere. I did more research on Rocket Spanish and found out it is the number one learning tool, which surpasses all of the competition including Rosetta Stone, and is by far, the least expensive. From what I have seen in my 3 modules it includes the curriculum that I had done at college, except I set the pace, and I can go as fast or as slow as I want. I can do it at any time of the day or night, and if I am stuck I can spend the time to work it out, or I can share with others online. From the time I bought my courses I have had regular communications from Mauricio, I have all 3 courses so they have nothing else to sell to me, so I believe these guys really care, for their students, and they want us to be successful. I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and seriously attacking this course that offers so much. I believe I can do the same with Rocket that I was doing at college without leaving my chair at home. I wrote this article to tell Mauricio and Amy, I am so glad that I found them, and what a wonderful inspiration they both are, and not to stop what they are doing. I am totally motivated now, and excited to be moving ahead with Rocket Spanish. I have huge regrets, that I did not do this sooner, and started using Rocket Spanish right away, and committed myself to it. If I had done so, I would probably be fluent in Spanish at this time. I would recommend you do just that, and buy all 3 modules together, and enjoy it. Well done guys ! You will be seeing a lot of me on your website, Terry Maher Ontario, Canada