Pascal Brillat

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I am a bilingual person (translator from English into French) trying to learn Japanese. I've been trying several methods books, on-line, etc., over several years. Even though this method is far more interesting and educational than Rosetta, I feel that it is lacking of grammatical points or explanations, so to be a complete learner, you need to complement it by another mean (books or apps). After saying that, I will still recommend this on-line method, since I believe it is one of the best today.
Improvements: The testing system: it would be more educational to be testing more than 5 (Japanese 2) or 10 questions (Japanese 2), while the listen and writing, test you on over 30 questions. Even though the voice recognition improve dramatically over the years, it is still sometimes difficult to use it, especially with long sentence in the Play role section. The system stops before I say half of the sentences. It works fine most of the time with single word. The first audio is too long and have a lot of unnecessary moments. For example, why practicing to say a word or sentence when it is listed in the vocabulary section in which you can learn how to say it as well? Also, to be honest, Kenny's voice is a little annoying after a while. While not just using Japanese people from the start (Japanese 1) like in most of Japanese 2 . The questions of the final testing of each module should not be the same than in each individual module. When you have special on prices (ie on Memorial week-end in the USA), it would be nice to know in advance so we can budget the cost. I will be interested to purchase the Japanese 3 at the same price, but I am guessing I will need to wait one year or other special events (maybe on black Friday). I think that if this product could have more extensive grammatical sections in modules, it would be hard to beat. However; I bought the Japanese 1 and 2 three or four year ago and this product has been improving a lot along with the technology. It seems that this Company really is trying to offer the best product possible, focusing on the learning reward for the users. Its point system motivates the users. I am very satisfied with its customer service. I sent only a few emails and every time I received a response within a few days with positive results. Keep on your hard work.