Joseph Iresabal

Rocket Spanish Arizona , United States

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I have tried to speak Spanish for years, buying into memorizing vocabulary with its gender and count, listing verb conjugation, breaking down tense usage, and referencing dictionary check. And yet, no matter how much I applied myself, I would fail miserably at sentence structure. I could not relate my thoughts to others. I struggled with verb tenses relative to mood and emotion. I used multiple verb sets to indicate mood. I was lost and would quit trying. There were times I would focus so intently on a conversation, a headache would result.
Rocket Language put my focus on communicating in Spanish, not memorization and grammar. Initially, I realized that learning how to pronounce Spanish words (sounds) enabled others to identify my spoken words and thereby understand my attempts to speak to them. I placed more emphasis in this area. I discovered that now, I could identify words spoken by a fluent spanish talker that were spoken to me. I realized that simple learned conversational phrases could be modified and combined to fit a variety of life's situation. More learned verbs could be used to convey more ideas, gain information and fluency. The sentence structure became evident with repetition, and learning more conversationally relevant verbs, prepositions and idioms, became important to me, in the conveying of my thoughts, feelings and communicating comprehension to the listener. The use of verbalization, testing, writing, and oral practice has jump started my conversing in Spanish. I find myself being immersed in Spanish and not thinking in English. Practice and verbalization are the building blocks to learning and fluency with Rocket Language. No longer do I mentally grope to understand a Spanish speaker. I am no longer focused on each and every pronounced word, but rather linking pronounced phrases together to conceptually grasp the speaker's full meaning. The keener you listen, the better your comprehension. A wonderful learning program.