Ivy Baremore

Rocket Spanish Belize

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I like the idea of the course, but I find it too cumbersome to use on a regular basis. Firstly, I practice at home in the evenings and it is disruptive for me to be speaking aloud continuously. Half the time this feature does not work for me, likely because I have slow internet. It also absolutely cannot understand me when I say the word "enchilada" even though I am 99% sure I am pronouncing it correctly. Secondly, the rating system is really annoying and I do not understand it at all. I would like to be able to run through lessons without having to click on a rating (I also have yet to figure out what "so so" and "good" mean). Clicking a rating after every single answer makes me take my hand off of the keyboard to reach the mouse to click, when it would be much quicker and simpler to be able to just hit 'enter' to go to the next phrase or word. This is especially annoying during the typing practice, which also requires the use of a virtual keyboard to type special characters. There should be keyboard shortcuts for these, it takes an inordinate amount of time to find the characters and select the right one for very short words. I got this course as a step up from duolingo, but I find the interface too annoying for daily use and I get frustrated before I can complete a lesson. With the same lessons but more intuitive tests, I would continue with the course, but as it is I likely will never get through lesson 1. That being said, customer service has been fantastic and I hope that they are able to improve the course.