Radoslaw Lenarczyk

Rocket Italian Poland

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I'd like to start with a statement, that this is a very subjective opinion. I have been active user of Rocket Italian for some 4 months. At the same time I was (also very actively) using another programs, like Duolinguo, Memrise, RosettaStone and various on-line Italian podcasts and learning programs "on the fly", both on PC and on a mobile devices (mainly smartphone) - News in Slow Italian, Learn Italian etc. Having such a broad experience I can say, that Rocket Italian is a very useful and efficient way of learning Italian. What I wanted most is to avoid direct comparisons between various platforms, especially because such comparisons are not reasonable. Probably there is not a single universal platform for everybody, and there seems to be no "one fits all" philosophy, at least when it comes to programs facilitating language learning. Every platform is oriented slightly differently, and possibly is optimal for different types of learners (visual, audio, kinetic, mixed etc), wanting to learn different skills first/most (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, etc.). But taking into consideration all this things I can say honestly, that Rocket Italian is OPTIMAL FOR ME.