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Just coming up on ten days using Rocket Language, and the flexibility and ease of use have allowed me to develop good habits so far. The course is well organized, and varied, which helps with avoiding boredom, particularly during the necessary repetition of early stage practice. The audio is well done, and the multi-platform nature of the testing makes it possible to study in small bits, or in bursts, whichever fits my energy level and schedule for the day. It's not without weaknesses - I could wish for a few more visual aids, and charts for focused review. It may be I simply haven't progressed far enough into the subject material to find these yet. Having completed one module in 9 days, I'm going to try to sustain a similar pace going forward. It appears this will require between 1 and 1.5 hours a day in Level 1. Will update if necessary. Also, for keyboard users, some of the written testing can be accomplished much more quickly if you use a keyboard-mouse click option - hover the mouse over the rating key you use most often, and create a hot-key to click with - increases speed and reduces frustration, for me, anyway.