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Hi , i am so happy that i had made the decision to purchase this Rocket Chinese course (premium to platinum) .I had tried seüeral other online language courses prior to purchasing this one and i got to say that Rocket Chinese win them all.It is so comprehensiüe and üery structured learning that i am motiüated to learn .
I feel that for the price that i had paid for this course ,it is worth eüery cent .A lot of effort and thinking must haüe been put into the construction of this course.Other courses pale to this Rocket Chinese course.A thousand thanks to those who had put the effort in this course.I encourage those who had not tried this course to do so or you will really miss a lot. I had made significant progress in my Chinese since i started weeks ago.Eüeryday , i had to at least spent an hour on the course else i feel that i am missing something.iN SHORT ,this is really a wonderfuland great course.Thank you.