Barbara Wilson

Rocket Spanish Maldonado , Uruguay

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The package is very well organized and well-planned, but I find it confusing. After completing Duolingo and Santamaria's Synergy Spanish, I'm not finding my proper level in Rocket Spanish and the system doesn't let me move ahead. The first third seems to me not useful to someone who is at the early intermediate stage, and I can't find a way to get into the second level. Instead, I keep getting just the intro material, which I already know. Even at the intro level, some problems jump out at me, such as the sudden addition of past tenses, when presumably the beginner doesn't know the present tense yet.
At first, I was able to record, but that suddenly quit on me, and now I can't. It doesn't matter too much, since I was getting 100% every time on my accent. I will try to manage without that feature. Headphones wouldn't help, since I can hear fine; I just can't record. I would like to advance, but don't see it happening. Moderators note: The tabs to the different Levels are on the left hand side at the top. You can do the lessons in any order, there are no restrictions. If you are still having difficulty please contact customer support for more info. Also, we do recommend that people use a headset microphone or the free app/s for best results with voice recognition.