Rodney Johns

Rocket Spanish United States

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I purchased Rocket Languages Spanish and German over five years ago and did so because the program was rather inexpensive when compared to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur which I have also purchased and enjoy. I do feel Rocket Languages is actually the better of the three programs and the reason I purchased two languages was because I can use Spanish everyday at work. I have a lot of patients who only speak Spanish and I have to rely on others to translate for me and I am getting tired of relying on them. I chose German because I used to live in Germany and tried to learn the language but everyone spoke English so I seldom had an opportunity to practice German. I will say I like the Spanish program better than the German one because Mauricio sends me weekly updates to encourage me to continue practicing with new phrases . I haven't heard from Paul in five years. Since Mauricio send me the updates I started thinking last week if I had just studied for 15 minutes a day these past five years I would probably be fluent enough to converse with my patients so I decided to reengage with rocket languages and see where the next five years finds me. Hasta Pronto