Brian Peek

Rocket Spanish EL Reno OK , United States

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Speaking in your target language I think is the key to success. The more you speak the faster you learn.
Rocket Languages has a test called Play It. It's where you in engage in a conversation with a native speaker. To me, that is my absolute favorite test. I have not seen anything like that anywhere. Rocket Languages has an amazing amount of resources and learning material to help you in your target language. Sadly, my Rocket Spanish is not working anymore. It worked flawlessly for a few weeks and now the audio just stops. I can't complete my learning, I can reload the page, but I can only make so far before it stops again. Technical support has not been able to resolve my issue. I have very limited use of the website. So I'm in the hunt for another language course. I've seen what's available and tried many, nothing tops Rocket Languages, so I will have to settle for second best. Moderators note: Customer support will be in touch again. We are sure the issue can be resolved.