Clyde Eidson

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I am an adult learner and have a real-life need to have a good working use of Spanish for travel and work in Central and South America. I have been studying Spanish for about 6 years so I have a fairly good grasp of the language. I have used all the widely-known, self-directed courses, multiple online resources, have a small library of Spanish books, even hired a tutor at the cost of $100/hour from Colombia. Bottom line in all of this, is that learning a new language is work- a lot of work. What you get out of your learning experience is directly related to how much effort you're willing to put in. I rarely endorse anything unless it stands out from the crowd or impresses me. I like several things about this program. First the price- it's a good value and a one-time purchase for however much you want to dive in. It doesn't continue to gouge you month after month. You buy it- it's yours for life. And if you're a new learner or even intermediate level, you will return to this as a resource over and over. Because (very important) you will NOT absorb every single bit of information the first time around. To think you will have 100% recall after one-time through is extremely unrealistic. If you want to "walk the walk", you have to "talk the talk". Meaning- you have to teach your mouth how to SAY these new sounds in whatever language it is. You can NOT master a language if you DO NOT SPEAK IT. This program lets you hear just how you sound- sometimes it's shocking how bad I pronounce things! So I am aware how I sound to a native speaker!! (Embarrassing...) This application lets you perfect your speech while learning muscle-memory (those muscles and movements we use to make many of these complex sounds). You can crunch away on verb conjugation- which is important also... BUT it's not going to help you put it all together. Learning grammar alone is not going to make you fluent. Again yes, it's important, you can't build a house if you don't know how to construct a frame. My take-away on this ap is this "blends" all the stuff you need to know in a much less intimidating way and "learn-able" manner so that before you know it, you're going to learn the grammar rules. You will learn verb conjugation but in a way that it will sound correct to you and become natural for you to say- not from trying to recall verb conjugation charts in your head. I read once that before some bit of info becomes part of your long-term memory (something you can recall months, years later) it typically takes 50 times (yes, fifty) reading, seeing, hearing, writing, speaking, etc., to be lodged in your memory for good. A large part of this program is repetition- but repetition is KEY. This program gives you the means to do your work, without too much difficulty to assimilate a new language and own it. Language learning builds upon itself. The more you learn, the easier it is to learn MORE. And the more you learn, the more satisfaction you will have and will WANT to learn more. Use other resources as well to augment your path to learning, but this program can be an excellent foundation for you IF you use it correctly and dedicate the time and effort.