Linda Francis

Rocket French Kingston upon Thames , United Kingdom

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Shame on you Rocket Languages!
There has been some improvement but your system still keeps freezing, not transmitting your words and not recording mine. The little bars that wiggle and show the microphone is live freeze, i.e. stop wiggling, on almost every attempt. My playback does once again contain many more words than you are recording. Why? I have been trying to work through 11.1 at the Doctor’s and 11.2 Making a Complaint. If you were a person and not a robot you would understand the humour in that last one. Is it because you are a robot that you never answer my questions? You just let some time go by then tell me it’s all fixed when it isn’t. This is not online help - it’s a farce. I do believe that you have some marvellous learning material but you are completely let down by the technical side and your lackadaisical customer service. Once upon a time you had some good lessons that I could access. Now I believe I cannot learn anything and my French speaking is actually getting worse as a result of having to keep endlessly repeating myself and hurrying before you cut me off. Your system is all up the creek and you can’t fix it. What would be the point of me paying another computer expert to come here and tell me that the problem is your end? What about giving me my money back? It’s the only honest thing to do. Otherwise you are just finding one more way to show how much you despise your customers. On the other hand you could actually fix things and then I could write a good review. 17/8/17 Moderators note: Hi Linda, sorry to hear about your travails with Rocket French. We are endeavouring to set up a Skype call with you so that we can walk through the issues.