Paul Bellard

Rocket Italian Malta

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I first bought this language program over a year a go, just for fun but though my own fault, I didn't really appreciate nor use it properly, hence no results.
Recently, my reasons for needing to speak Italian changed and as with all goals, when you have a big enough "why" you find a way instead of finding excuses and since restarting with a routine and discipline, I have to say, I now look forward to my daily sessions. I have only needed to contact Customer service once over an issue with the voice recognition and the auto responder email states service will be four to five days which for me is way too long. that said, I can comment favourably on a number of other things; the structure, the layout, and even the voice recognition for the majority of the time. but there is one thing I really like a lot! In fact, because of this, I discovered something about myself I didn't realise was such a driver for me. The Leaderboard! The platform awards points for learning and displays your position benchmarked against other members over various time frames, last 24 hours, 7 days and so on. I set a goal to always be in the top ten and it is amazing how once you get there, missing a study session and ending back at 400th is a real driver to maintain the daily discipline - therefore the learning - therefore getting to speak write and understand my chosen language more quickly. Overall, this is an engaging way to learn a language. Is the the best way to learn a language? Unless one has tried all of the competing courses it is hard to say but no language course beats living in the country of your chosen language. Only time will tell as its still too soon to launch myself into a conversation with a non English speaking Italian. ..... but at least, I have more confidence to try now over where I was before I bought this course. One thing I know for sure, whether it is this course or another the secret ingredient to success actually using it, sticking with it and practice. There are no short cuts and this course is one worth 'sticking' with.