Lisa Hunter

Rocket Spanish Dundee , United Kingdom

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I have been learning Spanish for quite some time now, but was looking for something to help advance my talking and listening skills. I had considered Rosetta Stone, but that received mixed reviews. Impartial websites consistently gave great reviews for Rocket Spanish, and I can see why. It is quite pricey compared to some language courses (I think it was about £90 all in). That, however, is a fraction of the cost of Rosetta Stone, which doesn't let you keep your learning material after the year is up. With Rocket Languages, you get a lifetime of access to materials. There is an audio conversation at the start which introduces you to new words and phrases at a reasonable rate, then there are tests ranging from listen and repeat to listen and write. I like how you can "speak" to the characters by taking on the part of others and then listen to your conversation at the end. It is good to know how you sound when you speak Spanish. This is the best language course I have ever used and I don't hesistate to recommend it.