Wally Pankowski

Rocket Italian St Louis Mo , United States

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I previously wrote a rather negative review of Rocket Language, based on a persistent problem I had with audio during the testing format. After submitting that review, I received an immediate email from the company. They wanted to detail the problem. Now other companies I have dealt with always say that when there is a problem, but basically dropped the ball. That is certainly not the case with this company. They tried to duplicate my problem on various formats. Apparently, the issue is only on my ipad. Even i can't replicate it on my iphone. I appreciate their prompt response and attempt to help. They even offered to refund my money, which i refused. I previously bought an completed the Pimsleur Spanish program. This program is much better and more interesting. The explanations are very helpful. I would certainly recommend Rocket Languages to anyone who wants to learn and understand a new language.