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Average Rating: 4.7

Joel H

Joel H

Rocket French — Sydney, Australia

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I have been using Rocket French for the past few months and am on the verge of completing the premium level. Thus far, the course has been absolutely fantastic. It provides an excellent range of activities per lesson that allow you to focus on all aspects of language learning (reading, writing, hearing and pronunciation). Furthermore, it allows you to develop a broad vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure quickly, which in turn allows you to learn French from other media (e.g. movies) more effectively.

In all, I would strongly recommend this product. I have been to French classes before but found them relatively dull and slow-paced. With Rocket French, you can set a pace that is comfortable for you, and that is a significant boon to one's level of engagement. Once I have finished this round of courses, I am planning to invest in another language!