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Rocket Spanish dundee , United Kingdom

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This is a very good program to learn Spanish , Latin American variation , not Castilian Spanish of Spain. I understand that this version of Spanish is more useful for Americans who probably make up the bulk of the clientele of people wanting to learn Spanish. This version of Spanish will allow people to travel in South America and make themselves understood there and in the South of Spain , where the majority of Spanish Emigrants left for a new life in the former Spanish Colonies. Cuba used to be the destination for economic migrants from the Spanish Peninsular until the Americans liberated , "stole" , the last colonies of Cuba , Puerto Rico and the Philippians, which was then impossible, after the Spanish American War of eighteen ninety eight, which caused then a profound soul searching of the Spanish People, on the loss of their colonies to the United States of America, and the birth of a new generation of Spanish Poets of 1898. That said, the language is useful, if you want to travel in the Republic of Argentina or Chile. It reminds me of the Spanish I was taught many years ago by my first Spanish Teacher who was a refugee from Chile. The only difficulty would be in speaking to a native of Madrid with their Castilian Accent. I recommend this course but hopefully the course creators will be able to tweak the program so it does not keep crashing in the recommended browser " Chrome " !