Marcus Crompton

Rocket Italian Winsford , United Kingdom

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I have tried a few different resources in starting out with Italian. I have to say that I am glad I completed Paul Noble's audio course before starting with this - as the pace of learning with Rocket is much faster. The downside is that I find the learning much less "sticky" - the audio lessons simply don't have enough structured repetition of material to make the words stay in your memory. I find a lot of the exercises pointless too - I really don't want to repeat "sto bene" or "ciao" 100 times - although the recording facility is useful (not much point in relying on the software to rate your pronunciation - it's actually more useful to listen to yourself back).
Having said that, the course is enjoyable, and it's nice that it uses contemporary subject matter as well as "real" Italian. I tried a few Pimsleur lessons too and that was really, really bad - very out of date, with some cringe-worthy material. Just awful. I find the most useful lessons the non-audio ones , oddly enough. No one course is enough when you are learning a language - I supplement Rocket with Italian films, a fantastic audio resource which cost me 95 PENCE ! (Rilkey's 613 Italian dialogues) - reading Italian newspapers and short story books, Duolingo, and any opportunity I get to speak in real situations. I'm not sure I would buy the advanced levels of the course - but I am enjoying using the first level partly as revision and partly to lean new things.