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Rocket Spanish Israel

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I have already a long experience with Rocket Spanish course (I am following at this time the lessons of "Premium Plus : Level 2")
I liked Rocket from the start and , while a little tired now, my sympathy seems to persist. I very much appreciate its structure , the conversations , the multitude of tests , all helping in the laborious task of learning a new language at a rather advanced age and, as I am not living in a country of Spanish language, without the necessary minimum immersion . But, there are also some weak points, at least in my opinion: The English versions of conversations are , again from my point of view, unnecessarily long. I say "unnecessary" because, while all the personages have something interesting to say, and pleasantly so,(truly I like them all !), too many thing are said, some not having a justifying didactic weight in the lesson itself . Telling these things, irrespective of how much instructive and amusing could they be, stretches and "burdens" these English conversations Just one more "observation": The tests , saying it, writing it etc., starting at too low a level , becomes too long, exceeding the usual attention span time. What I mean is, there is no need , to start with just one word . a simple one like "tú", él, etc. And this , for lessons far away from the basic courses start. The student could be supposed . at this time, as having same basic notions of writing and/or speaking Spanish ! I suppose this maximalist politics Rockets seems to follow, could be good for a rather low number of students. I just want to thank to Rocket builders for giving me the possibility to express what it is my point of view but, who knows, could be that of some (many ?) others , too. ¡Gracias por todo! Jack Cohen, PhD Tel Aviv, Israel Moderators note: Some good points there. These will be added to the wishlist for the future.