Douglas Yankauer

Rocket Spanish Dominican Republic

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Rocket Spanish is far and away the best online Spanish course I have ever come across. After doing a ton of research, reading reviews, comparing what you got, the price, and more, I chose to purchase Rocket Spanish. It is a choice I have not questioned.
Over the years I have recommended Rocket Languages to anyone looking to learn a foreign language, at all different levels. Those folks who took my advice have been more than satisfied with their purchase. As with any course, if you don't put in the time, it doesn't matter how good the course. This is so true with Rocket Spanish as well. When I actually dedicate myself to spending the time with Rocket Spanish, it comes very easily. This was never the case when I was "learning" a foreign language in school. I am 67 years old and currently living in the Dominican Republic. That being said, I felt it necessary to take on the project of learning a foreign language to better communicate with the peoples of the DR. The challenge living in the DR is that they bastardize their language. Dominicans drop off letters, change pronunciations, you name it. This also changes from one part of the Country to another. Being that Rocket Spanish is being taught by a native from Bolivia, I felt that this would give me the closest to how Dominicans speak the language. This would not have been the case if I had chosen Rosetta Stone, or so many of the other Spanish courses out there, that teach proper European Spanish. There is a big difference. It is like the difference between English spoken by Americans and British. My suggestion is take the free tour of Rocket Spanish...Give it a try..Put in the time. You will be amazed how enjoyable it can be learning a foreign language.