Alexander Caracotsios

Rocket Russian United States

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Very good set up and structure. However, my main complaint is that the conversations never really got increasingly complicated. Additionally, they did not include too wide a range of vocabulary. The audio is great for learning pronunciation but I feel like I spent a lot of time and did not learn as much as I could have say, through duolingo which is free. I would only recommend this program to people who have never studied a language before because it goes slow enough that it may be beneficial to get over the initial fears of learning a language. However, for people such as myself with a more developed linguistic background, I felt as if the dialogues did not advance very much and that I did not really leave learning as much as I could have if I spent the same amount of time with other resources.
I feel as if Rocket Languages needs to drastically alter the content of the dialogues to better suit them for "intuitive" grammar and vocabulary acquisition. That being said, the main structuring of the program I found to be fantastic and the native audio files also were superb.