Barbara Penrose

Rocket Spanish United Kingdom

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I did some research before buying Rocket Spanish and the reviews were excellent, however I did not read anything that said it was all about South American and therefore some of the language is different. I feel it is designed for the younger people with little reference to the older person who only plan to go on vacation to mainland Spain. I also think the long drawn out conversation by the American lady at the start of each session is excessive and a little annoying, although of course you can skip this as shorter conversations follow and these cover all the relevant points.
On the plus side Rocket Spanish has been well thought out and covers everything that is needed to learn Spanish. I like the fact that you can jump ahead and back to different modules if there is something specific you want to learn, like the time or numbers. I also like to use the voice recognition and the conversation section. The price is excellent so I purchased the whole package which will last me forever. I do not regret buying this product and my Spanish is improving because of it.