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Rocket French is the only course I have tried that succeeds in getting you talking. Many courses can teach you the basics as you sit in a class and take your turn to say something, or do online exercises but you still get tongue tied the second you try to use it in real life. Rocket French can get you past that.
I have 17 years in London with a French wife learning french on and off, and now live in France so need to use it. Learning a language in my opinion requires three things in general order (but even better if done in parallel) 1. A strong base of grammar and vocabulary to have something to work with 2. Speaking the language out loud to get into the habit of using it correctly without reflection 3. Moving to the country and chucking yourself in the deep end to expand and refine. Most courses can do 1, only you can do 3, but in my opinion after many years of french study rocket french is the only one that does 2 with depth and substance. Speaking correctly is also important, as although I have been speaking rough french for years that gets me by in family gatherings, only in doing the saying then writing that you really start nailing the articles and gender etc to really move forward.