David Bowen

Rocket Portuguese United States

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I've been using Rocket for the past month along with a couple other language programs (Pimsleur, transparent, Duolingo, and Memrise) to boost my learning of Portuguese. Overall, I really like Rocket. The ability to download the audio is a big help as I commute a lot. The audio training is not as in depth as Pimsleur, but it is very good. The variety of lessons and the ability to jump around is great. The leader board helps to provide incentive to keep practicing which helps. Also, the entire program is very well rounded.
I sometimes have trouble with the record audio but it works most of the time. It is nice to be able to hear your own voice and compare to the teachers for accuracy. My biggest complaint with Rocket Portuguese is with the male speaker (Paulo). His pronunciation of words ending in "s" has a very harsh "sh" sound which is completely different from the female teacher and every other audio teacher I have heard. Words like "Bem vindos" which has a soft "os" ending are pronounced like "Bem vindoosh". I can understand that Paulo may be from a different part of Brazil and perhaps it is pronounced that way there. However, when every other teacher pronounces it with a soft ending you want to practice and mimmic the right way. Overall, this is a great program and I plan on becoming conversationally fluent with Portuguese with Rocket's help.