Cécile Ariens Kappers

Rocket Japanese Amsterdam , Netherlands

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I absolutely love Rocket Languages, or in my case Rocket Japanese! I’ve had an account since 2011 and I just love the way it enables you to actively practice speech even if you don’t have a person to practice with. Since learning Japanese to me is a hobby, it is something that gets put on hold more often than not, however whenever I want to get back into it I start with listening to Rocket Japanese audio lessons. It’s puts me right back in the action of the language, something that would be neither as easy nor as fun if I were just using a book. I do combine the Rocket course with a book for better grammar and more hands-on practice in addition to a Kanji book, as I prefer more exercises, but it would not go as smoothly without your lessons, which are enjoyable even after the so-manieth repeat. just want to add that I appreciate all the upgrades that you do :)