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Barbara Zarish

Barbara Zarish

Rocket French — North Hollywood, CA, United States

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Thank you for offering a Free Trial for Rocket French. I tried 2 other programs and was not happy with either. The trial you offered was in-depth and long enough to get a true feel for how much I can learn. It convinced me to purchase the first set...then when your Black Friday special of 60% off became available, I am purchasing your whole 3-package set - thank you! The format RocketFrench offers is excellent, with Audio listening/speaking/playback, repetition, writing, flashcards, and review - very in-depth! It is also great to have two different accents (Claire & Paul), and the ability to change from easy - medium - difficult settings. Also, with the purchase of the whole set, I am thrilled I will have 24//7 access forever, and the ability to go back and review past lessons at any time. I highly recommend this language format - THANK YOU ROCKET LANGUAGES!