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Average Rating: 4.7

Suzanne Rashed

Suzanne Rashed

Rocket Arabic — United Kingdom

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I was waiting until i had completed the whole course to write a review and today is that day. I can't praise this Rocket Arabic programme enough, i now feel like i am at an intermediate speaking level of Egyptian Arabic thanks to this. Being half Egyptian myself I had always wanted to learn the language as unfortunately i wasn't taught it growing up, so i thought i would take matters into my own hands and purchase a programme to teach it myself and i'm so glad i chose this one. I now feel that i will be able to communicate well with my family when i visit Egypt and will be able to understand a lot of things. The programme is well layed out and Hany and Amira are great characters, i had fun learning and listening to each module. The voice recording feature is wonderful and a great addition to the course, if i found at times it didn't work properly i would just refresh the page and it would work perfectly fine. I also like the fact that i can go back to it and go over everything i've learnt whenever i want. Thank you so much and i hope to see a level 2 of Egyptian Arabic in the future!