Barbara Alton

Rocket Italian Snohomish, Washington , United States

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I love Rocket Italian. I had studied Italian on my own for a few years. I am older so I did not learn it quickly, but I had made good progress. I had used Rosetta Stone and college workbooks I had purchased online. But there were definitely things I needed help with. Rocket Italian has helped me with pronunciation, increased my vocabulary, and helped with the proper use of prepositions and certain verbs. Prepositions can be incredibly confusing. This program is filling in all the blanks I needed help with before. I love the humor. I love the explanations of word usage I hadn't gotten before in my studies.
I rated it all 5's. I don't know if I will ever want to learn another language, but if I did, I would buy Rocket Italian. Having said that, I would also use Rosetta Stone again. Rocket Italian was the perfect addition and exactly what I needed. And if I wanted to give a gift to a grandchild who is learning a language, I would buy Rocket Italian. And I would recommend it to a friend. The price was reasonable I thought. I bought it when it was on sale. I am getting my money's worth. I have not really used the customer service. I called once. The person was nice. He explained I was not getting a physical CD because I had apparently clicked on the wrong thing. So be sure you click on the right thing when you make your purchase. They could make the two choices more clear when you are purchasing. But just getting the online version has worked great for me, probably better than having a CD. I have access to online absolutely every where I go. Just have to remember the password!