Aldo Hawkes

Rocket Spanish Brisbane , Australia

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As a language educator for almost 20 years, I can really appreciate the hard work that has gone into the Rocket courses. One part that stands out is the dialogs with the sentence focus and the interactivity with them. The conversations seem quite useful and the 'extra vocabulary' (read: extra expressions) for each lesson are great. When learning any language, improving vocabulary is necessary (of course), the key is doing so in the context of sentences and life-like situations which make them truly more memorable and enjoyable! Rocket does that.
Suggestions to further improve the experience would be: - Using the audio from section "6. Play it!" provide an additional download 'button' for the role-play's audio only, this is in addition to the entire lesson with the English explanations like you do at the start of each lesson. That would be so helpful to listen to and playback while in the car or on the bus etc. - 75% speed button for dialogs. Having the option to go a little slower with some of the sentences is really handy to pick up on the exact sounds and then reproduce them. - End of module review of some type. It could be simply a random selection of content from each subsection and exercise type. As a motivator to do very well, achieving certain scores (e.g. 60% correct, 80% correct etc.) could receive 'badges' that reflect how well you did. It would be fabulous if the content reviewed each time was randomized, it would serve as a great review tool for all the sections in that module. Moderators note: -The role play tracks are available, all stitched together in one track. They are in the last Module of each Level. -Noted. The issue is to get this working consistently across all the different browsers and devices. It is something we are looking at. -There are Rocket Certification tests at the end of each Module. Just look at My Dashboard. Note that we recently added a Benchmark test, which is available under My Tools > My Progress Keep up the good work!