Christian Krause

Rocket Japanese Germany

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I speak for Rocket Japanese:
Price is fair, if you buy on sale. Still not cheap, but fair. I have learned a lot from Rocket Japanese. I mainly use the audio lessons. They are awesome. They are kept fun, but still are very challenging. I replay them at least once (but usually 3 to 4 times). The quizzes on the site are good too and do help me to remember. The site works good and is fast. I do not use the apps. There are flaws, but i consider them as minor. The biggest one is that audio quality is not top notch. Don`t get me wrong: It is alright, but it could be better. A short audio file with just the vocab of the lesson (for every lesson) would be awesome too. But maybe that will come someday. Sometimes, i feel like the audio lessons are too challenging. But better this way than the other way around. The biggest pro that speaks for Rocket Japanese is that i can use it anywhere. You can download all audio lessons, and use them on a normal mp3-player (no drm whatsoever). This is very important to me. I am kind of an japanese learning addict and i prefer Rocket Languages over Pimsleur (you do learn a lot of vocabulary of it, but it does get boring). Rosetta Stone is good as a vocab trainer, but i prefer to have explanations.