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Hello. I was born in the United States so my first language is English. Currently I’m extremely fluent in Spanish and Italian. I’ll elaborate on that later. I retired in 2008. In December of 2009 it was decided to purchase Rocket Spanish for myself as a Christmas present. Only Premium, Premium Plus and Platinum were available at that time so all 3 levels were purchased. I had no prior language training during life and no experience talking to others in any language except English. Rocket Spanish was downloaded to an iPod as part of my New Year resolution. I practiced most days while exercising and repeating everything aloud. Everything was finished multiple times that was contained in the Premium or first level in March. The entire level was basically memorized from repeating it so many times. The beginning of April 2010 I went to Panama on vacation for 3 weeks by myself. I didn’t get an interpreter and just went for it and made my way around much of the country by myself taking local bus transportation. The reality was for 4 days I was like “aaaaa”, then suddenly my brain said oh apparently you’re serious and started working without any problem speaking the Spanish I learned in the Premium course. I only spoke aloud to myself previously and never spoke with anyone in Spanish prior to landing in the country of Panama. After returning from Panama in late April 2010 I repeated the Premium level one course then went off with a vengeance to learn levels two and three. After completing all the Rocket Spanish Levels numerous times Penton’s VocabuLearn audio series of 3 levels totaling 4500 words was used plus Penton’s Spanish Verbs 101. As of February 2018 I’ve been in every Spanish speaking country in Central and South America plus Spain totaling just over 28 months of total vacation time between my 23 trips. The Patagonia area was a great get away as I hung out with and met all kinds of interesting folks. After all this I then decided to learn Italian before visiting Europe for the first time so all 3 levels of Rocket Italian was purchased in November 2014. All 3 levels were completed multiple times by June 2015. So in July 2015 I boarded a plane and flew to Italy for the first time. Spent 3 months there on vacation and visited Spain also for 2 weeks during that trip. Many people in Italy speak some English but it sure was nice to not have to or have others think I was from a Spanish speaking country because at times you may inadvertently use a word from another language while conversing. Thus far I’ve spent a total of 7 months in Italy between my 4 trips which takes me to February 2018. That’s all I know and it sure beat sitting on the couch thinking about traveling abroad.