claudia rowland

Rocket Japanese Pulaski, MS , United States

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I have just started using the trial Japanese program, and I think it is fantastic! I'll be buying the entire Japanese program in a couple of weeks. I love Kenny and Sayaka, the presenters. They speak slowly and clearly so I can understand the pronunciation of the words, and they explain the grammar in small bits so it's not overwhelming. They also make the lessons fun with their sense of humor. The program has tons of reinforcement, which I use over and over. I have found the culture and writing parts very useful, and also go back to them multiple times. It takes me about two weeks to do one lesson, but I know it by memory then, and can talk to my Japanese co-worker so she understands. I even dreamed in the small amount of Japanese I have learned so far! This program is so much fun, I can't wait to come home from work so I can study my lesson! Thank you, Rocket Languages, and I will be ordering the whole module very soon.