Garry Portugal

Rocket Japanese New Jersey , United States

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Rocket languages is great. I am now studying Japanese with this course. The content is awesome and it is all relevant and practical material. It isnt random vocabulary that I would never use, for that reason i think it is great. It provides many exercises to drill your learning and commit the language to memory.
I love how the lessons are all grouped in their respective categories together, but if I could offer a recommendation, it would be to have a comprehensive learning path that bridges the categories together. Right now the lessons are in an order that starts with all the Audio Lessons, then into lessons that are reading based, then lessons that are cultural based. These are all grouped together. I feel having them combined in a way that would spread them out so that you dont have to be stuck without audio lessons or cultural explanations for things for a long period of time because you have to go through all the modules in that section. I hope this makes sense. Of course this may just be a preference of mine, but could be a great addition to the course. :)