Jeffrey Pogue

Rocket Russian Knoxville, TN , United States

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I took the free course in Rocket Russian and I must say that taking just the free lessons I have learned how to say some important Russian phrases and I am able to speak those phrases just like a native speaker. Just a few days ago I didn't know even the first word in Russian. However just after a few lessons I can say several words. Rocket Russian has some great tutors that break each word down so that when you speak you can speak as if you have been speaking the language all of your life. I have noticed that the way they break down each word they are also training your ear to not just be able to speak the language but also hear what is being said. I plan on purchasing the complete course because I believe that Rocket Russian has much more to offer which is well worth the money. I have spent lots of money taking language courses in college in other languages but I didn't learn this much, this quick. I think Rocket Russian is an awesome way to learn a new language. I wish I had discovered this course long ago.