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Average Rating: 4.7

Cassandra P

Cassandra P

Rocket French — Ohio, United States

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Bonjour! I've just purchased all 3 levels after four days of practice. Honestly, I've tried quite a few language learning software programs and this is by the far among the best out there. Although I think it's more than worth the cost, I still struggled with whether to pay for it or not. However, by the end, I'm positive I'll be glad I went for it, especially if I can get to an advanced level of speaking as desired! This program has you coming back, often many times in a day, eager to start the next part of the module to see where you'll go next. My only issue is the recording on my PC, it doesn't seem to work as well as through the app on my phone, so I think I'll be doing any speaking parts through there.

Moderators note: Please contact customer support about the recording issue. These things are usually easily sorted out!