Shaun Asbury

Rocket German Johannesburg , South Africa

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I have regularly been to Germany over the last couple years for business and this year I decided I wanted to learn to speak German.
Not only for my trips to Germany, but because I work for a German company and have to interact with German colleagues frequently. I tried a few free websites and was very disappointed, but then I stumbled on RocketLanguages and tried the free trial I was hooked, I loved the fact I could write the language and see the words spoken, that makes it so much easier to remember and pronounce the words. I purchased the first Module, and although I thought the price seemed high, I would do it again. My German colleagues have commented on how quickly I have seemed to grasp and learn the language, and other English speaking colleagues who have been enrolled with a weekly company sponsored program (with terms and conditions) have also seen that my progress has exceeded theirs especially when it comes to actually speaking the language. I can only thank RocketLanguages, not that it didn't take effort and discipline from me to continue, but RocketLanguages just made it easy and fun!