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James Anderson

James Anderson

Rocket Japanese — Italy

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With a hungry passion to learn japanese for years I started off using only duo lingo pro. I quickly discovered I was going to need more than Duo if i really wanted to learn Japanese in a year. I downloaded a few more apps and I was burning through them as well, but still discovered I needed more to satisfy my hunger. Why? Because though these apps were good i was constantly questioning grammer and how i was being taught. I searched online and discovered rocketjapanese, but the price made me raise a eyebrow. At first I wasn't even going to try it, but I really wanted to learn japanese so i decided to give it a shot. I used the trial and knew right away this was what I needed. I bought it and have been using it everyday for at least 2-3 hours while still staying up on my duo and other apps if I even still have time. The fact i get to speak, speak with, and be spoke at while learning was beautiful to me. Sounds crazy, but i will actually look at a object and away from the screen on talking parts to make it feel more realistic when practicing. This is great, but i feel like should only be purchased/used by people who truly want to learn the language because though i'm a rookie at speaking japanese even I know consistency is probably the biggest factor into learning. It's worth every penny and you'll see if you decide to get it with all the lessons you'll probably go "wow, this is going to take some time" but it's totally worth it, if you're dedicated and motivated.