Daniel Decker

Rocket Spanish MN , United States

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The short time I've used Rocket Language has been tremendous. About half a year ago, I challenged myself to learn Spanish and so started trying the different free options. I found one I liked and poured my time into it, disciplining myself to studying every day. At first I loved it, racking up points and enjoying how successful the app made me feel, yet very soon I became frustrated. Grammar and rules of the language were apparently unimportant as the time was never taken to teach as to why a certain word or phrase was correct. And as for phrases and words that I would actually use in real life? I spent my time talking about giving alcoholic beverages to my pet bear. I soon realized that in regards to learning the language well, I was spinning my wheels.
All that to say this: This program has been a breath of fresh air! Right off the bat, the first lesson gave a tremendous layout of how I am to greet and interact with someone new that I may meet. This was extremely helpful, yet it didn't stop there. I soon found a found tab entitled "Language and Culture." It didn't take long for me to figure out that these lessons taught me the grammar and rules of the Spanish language. "My goodness," I thought, "is this program actually teaching me the (utterly necessary) underlying structure of the language?" Oh yes it was, and doing a great job at it! To summarize I would definitely recommend the program. The lessons are set up in audio format, in which two people are interacting with each other in what would be normal everyday conversations. The necessary words and phrases are explained with pauses mixed in to give the learner a chance to insert the correct word or phrase in a given situation. Simply put, I found them easy to work with and very helpful. Final thoughts: Give it a whirl! This style of audio learning has been studied deeply, and Rocket Language does a tremendous utilizing it. As for cost, the program exceeded my expectations, so I found the price to be quite fair.