Dave Kim

Rocket Korean Merrick, NY , United States

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I think Rocket Korean is a fun and awesome way to learn Korean. I think the free trial in Rocket Korean is very helpful for beginners and it really pushes us to work harder and become a fluent speaker. I highly recommend this website because I guarantee you that this website is the best one I've tried. I think this website is so much better than the other websites. Even though the price was not that cheap, I think it was totally worth it because it's such a fun website and in the free trial when it doesn't let you do other lessons, that's when I think,
I WANT TO BUY THIS!!!!!! And I also recommend other courses too if you're interested in not only Korean but other languages too. I also think this is very helpful because you can actually go to a country and speak fluently. So I think Rocket Korean is the best website and you should try the free trial and actually buy the website too!