Eliane Miller

Rocket Italian Las Vegas, NV , United States

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I've taken other media for Italian language classes, including person to person lessons, but none compare to the effectiveness of the Rocket system. Some students learn by seeing, others by hearing and others by doing and feeling (experiencing). Rocket covers all three by showing you examples, having you hear them slowly, then having you write it; finally by "feeling" the culture and the grammar you get a rounded education as language is not just repetition but immersing in the culture. Also, their pace is just right: not too much at a time to overwhelm you - so they are "excellent teachers" and they make sure that different students, with different modes of communication and perception, will definitely assimilate the material. I was a teacher myself so am very critical of teachers in how they can "reach" and "get through to" students by covering different angles: Rocket has definitely figured out a great well-rounded teaching system... I am very happy with it and am learning at a rate that will ensure fluency before I know it. Thank you so much.