Renee Pavucek

Rocket Italian United States

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I love this program. I am learning so much, although the premium program is a little expensive. But, I'm going to Italy in a few months and I feel very confident and I'm doing very well. I have a couple suggestions: 1) I would like an area or a quick "free" App to write a few of my own sentences or words to practice (instead of bringing a tablet or paper to do this), and this App will write it out in Italian (or visa versa in English); and 2) Do you have an App where I can open it up without Wifi? To open while I'm in Airplane Mode? I have a competitors App on my phone to do this but it is not as good as Rocket Languages). I don't need or expect the whole premium program outside of WiFi, just an a quick App where I can write or search a word in case I need to refresh on the Airplane, or if I forget a word, or I need to read something, etc. outside of the Wifi in Italy.