Cheryl Abbott

Rocket Spanish Roswell, Georgia , United States

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Here is what I find different about Rocket Languages, the focus is on learning to SPEAK Spanish. The other programs I’ve used focused on written language. I love that the narrators speak slowly enough so I can understand the words and so I can learn to pronounce the words correctly. The lessons make sense and have real world applications. For me, this is far and away the best Spanish program I have used. I already feel more confident speaking Spanish and I find the correct words come to mind faster. I try to do one lesson a day. The lessons take about an hour. You dont have to do that much, but I really want to learn to speak the language so I am committed to spending the time necessary.
I did call customer service once because I could not get the playback to work. The person who helped me could not have been more attentive to my needs. She told me exactly what to do to fix the problem. All in all, this is the only Spanish program I would recommend. I do think Duolingo is good for beginners who want to find out if they are committed to learning a language, however once you know you want to learn, then switch over to Rocket Languages. I hope you will be as happy as I am about the program.