Stanley Richey

Rocket Spanish Wellington , United States

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I was skeptical to say the least about learning a language at 25 after having to take spanish In high school and not retaining any of it other than to count to 10.
I have had rocket language for 2 days. And it is absolutely blowing my mind. I know 2 days is kind of crazy to post a review but I'm actually excited about this and just had to. I do all the parts of it the flash cards the spelling and the listening part. It seems daunting at first when you listen to a 30 minute audio at the beginning of a lesson and don't take everything in at first. But once you complete 100% activities on each lesson and really put in the effort you can do each lesson in an hour maybe an hour and a half and really walk away from that lesson feeling like you are moving forward. I work construction and a lot of my coworkers and friends on site are latino and just in two days they are surprised by what I have learned. To the point to where 2 of them have downloaded the english versions to start their own path at learning another language. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm so excited to learn this that i don't see myself wanting to slow down! Thank you rocket language and amy and Mauricio, you're making this much easier than expected.