Paul Perrotta

Rocket Italian Rancho Mirage, CA , United States

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I'm very impressed with the Rocket Languages method. I have studied different languages in a variety of settings: in a high school classroom, on my own with books, in a college classroom, and on my own with books and a native speaker to guide me. I have looked at other methods, such as Berlitz, Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and just the plain old web, but I'm enthusiastically happy about this.
As with all language learning, you have to keep trying and that means regular and frequent study. If you can only put ten minutes per week into the effort, then don't do this. Have a cocktail or watch TV. This method is focused on making you functional in several situations--if you're looking for grammar rules and verb conjugations, then this isn't for you. But if you want to learn and can spend the time building vocabulary, learning to correctly pronounce the words, and growing your understanding of how to speak or understand simple (at first) conversations, then Rocket Languages might be for you. At first, I thought the conversations were a little simple and I was worried that the vocabulary would be too limited. But I'm impressed with how much I'm learning so far and I actually look forward to my study time each day. I'm spending about half an hour per day on it, and in two weeks I've only missed one day. I got this Italian class via an offering to get all three levels for an insanely small amount of money. Pimsleur charges over a thousand dollars and Rosetta Stone is in the same ballpark. Rocket Languages is a quality offering at a very reasonable price. After I finish Italian, I might go for Mandarin...