Gordon Smith

Rocket German United States

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I enjoy Rocket German, as it has been the most useful medium for learning a new language short of just dropping into Germany to learn. I am an incurable do-it-yourself-er and Rocket German has been nothing short of encouraging to me. I use it every evening, along with Rocket Russian and I even manage to use it on my phone if I have a few dead moments during the workday to review what I did the night before. Whenever opportunity has presented itself, I've "test-driven" what I've learned in practical application and have been pleased with the results. I have a favorite German restaurant and use it there at times, although the only German speaker there is the owner, so it's only infrequently that I can use it there, but German tourists come to my part of the world occasionally and I do what I can to see if I can make a meaningful attempt at a conversation. It is my goal to be reasonably fluent in 5-years so that when I decide to do a 2-year work stint in Europe at that time, I'll be prepared.