Colin Norwich

Rocket Japanese Illinois , United States

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I've been wanting to learn a new language for the longest time and could never really settle on one. I took two years of French in high school but found it wasn't for me and never pursued it further. I've always thought the Japanese language was very beautiful and since I do follow a lot of current trends of Japan as well as being enthralled in the deep cultural history, this made my choice very easy.
At the time of this writing I have completed the first 5 lessons having listened to each lesson multiple times. I generally follow the lesson by scrolling through the conversation text while it is being spoken. Then I'll listen to the lesson on my drive to and from work. On average I listen to each lesson 4 times. The greatest thing about learning is that I actually feel like I'm learning the language. I'm recalling words and phrases and was even able to order myself sushi comfortably. I have been extremely impressed with the Rocket Japanese course. I do know I have a long way to go but I promise you, that if you put in the effort and time you will succeed at this.