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Honestly, it’s alright through the first few days. But not much more than that.
1. I can’t use it the “write it” function on my computer because the Korean keyboard doesn’t show up. They never got back to me on that, so I have to use my phone. It’s a bit annoying, and as I haven’t received any answer, I’m not sure what my feedback was for. 2. They teach formal speaking, which isn’t all that helpful when most Koreans use words that in in 요, not 입니다. I want to learn how to speak in a way people will be used to, and it’s a bit annoying to always be super polite. 3. I get quizzes on things that wil never come up in a conversation. Someone who tells me they were in the Korean military and then emigrated to America is not going to come up very often at all. I know I’m new, and this will probably change, but it’s not practical. I bought this program hoping to improve my Korean skills, because I live in Korea. I’ll keep trying, but it’s only just alright at the moment.