Susie Seiler

Rocket Japanese Tokyo , Japan

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Rocket Japanese: it's been two (April 14.) months since the Rocket Language app for iOS has been updated and since I am not able to use it anymore as it is not possible to write in hiragana/katakana anymore. I contacted support, got (after days - and weeks) assurance that it will be taken care of - yet the "bug" update 2 weeks ago did not address any of my clearly communicated (screenshots and screenvideo) problems. If you work on iOS (iPhoneX & iPad Pro, latest firmware) do not download this app - it is NOT working as advertised.
A word to the support... promising an update and therefore a working app might "quiet" the user but it is contraproductive to take no action at all. I'll be happy to re-review my feedback once I am able to use the app again. Until then... 1 star.